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It is a small family vineyard, formed by a long viticultural trajectory that preserves traditional jars from Chilean Maule Region and in them partially elaborates wines, in order to demonstrate the excellency that can be made with ancestral procedures and current knowledge.
It is a concept of wines and unique experience, based on their topics of Recrear (Recreate), Reinventar (Reinvent) and REvelar (REveal), ancestral wines from biblical stories to wines produced by the family in past centuries in noble and beautiful clay jars. Wines of beauty are being REborn.

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Viña Casa Roca was formed in 2010 and is one of few wineries in Chile dedicated entirely to the production of premium 100% natural and sparkling wines.
It is a boutique viticultural project, with a natural wine, a faithful reflection of the land that gave birth to it. Each year they are in search of unique, different terroirs, and only vinify small quantities to be able to control to the maximum the whole process of elaboration, managing to highlight the singular characteristics.

Tue to Sun
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A wine tourism proposal that preserves the heritage for all wine lovers giving them an unforgettable experience. With an informal and educational concept, it allows to get to know more about the history of wine and the local culture.
The wines, with agriculture, gastronomy and Chilean traditions are linked, being focused on what is the tourist visit in all its experience.

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10:00 a 17:00
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They described themselves not as a wine company, but as a family vineyard where a diverse family experience is provided by the permanent attention of its owners of the processes of winemaking and the reception of visitors.
The quality of its wines ranks among the best in Chile, particularly their Syrah and Chardonnay.

Mon to Sat
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Vineyard owned by a Brazilian couple, passionate winemakers who pursued their dream of producing high quality wines on a human scale. They produce cold climate wines, innovative and highlighted, bieng among the best in the country.
With a sustainable style, they take care of their natural resources: the vineyard is organic, the system of irrigation moved to solar energy and the warehouse is built of recycled shipping containers.
The owners live in the vineyard, with Franc, their black labrador, the offspring of a Brazilian champion who is convinced that he is a German shepherd or another ferocious dog, but he is very shy and friendly.

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Young boutique vineyard known for white wine grapes, especially Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and the excellent Pinot Noir.
The wines are produced using the technology of stainless vats, which allow to monitor the temperature and maintain a controlled fermentation. This process helps to obtain high quality wines and is enriched by the maintenance and aging in French oak barrels that give chocolate flavors, incorporating the tannins of the wood, and creating aromas that make the mouth feel the pleasure of wine tasting.

Summer: Thu to Sun from 10:30 to 17:00
Winter: with confirmed booking


Characterized by its personalization during the visit, with signature wines, under a calm, quiet and familiar atmosphere, going always to the rhythm of the tourists.
They perform non-traditional tastings, such as those in the pond, with high-quality local products, in a unique vineyard environment, immersed in the landscapes of Casablanca Valley and caressed by the breeze of the Pacific Ocean.

Mar-Dec: Wed to Mon 13:00 – 16:30 Fri and Sat 20:00 – 23:00
Jan-Feb: 13:00 – 16:30 and 20:00 – 23:00


High concentration, passion and respect for the local products, define the spirit of Macerado Algarrobo, having recipes for oven, long cooking and grill, joined by beach cocktails and an extensive wine list.
An environment where architecture and landscaping are expressed through stone and wood giving way to fluid lines loaded with gardens and crops that fill the gourmet kitchen that delivers freshness, textures and aromas.

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Located in the Casablanca Valley, a boutique hotel that offers a perfect place for rest combined with the visit and activities in the vineyards and their surroundings, allowing to get to know, enjoy, taste, breathe in a deep connection with the wine and valley countryside.
It has exclusive rooms, gourmet food, swimming pool, artificial lagoon, terrace, hot tubs and sauna. In addition, bicycle, honesty bar and honesty coffee services are provided for guests.

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Casa Macaire is located in the heart of the Casablanca Valley.
With 1,200 m² and seven rooms, surrounded by almost 50 hectares of vineyards, olive trees, crops and native trees, it offers wonderful views and magical skies. The house opens to share its unique, amazing and cozy place for anyone who wants to rest and enjoy this unique experience.